How to Make a New Employee Feel Welcomed

One of the most stressful events of a person’s life can be starting a new job. One such example is when in my book, Leah, a Mootoan woman becomes the new engineer in a spaceship mostly full of Earthlings. She experiences shock and fascination at how different the hierarchy is among Earthlings.

Culture shock is one of the prevalent feelings that both Mootoans and Earthlings felt. Nevertheless, they try to make ends meet by understanding each other’s cultures.

Nevertheless, we, too, can experience sudden culture shock. One such example is when a new employee joins the ranks. Here are some ways to welcome a new employee:

1. Teach them the basics. Show them what a typical workday is usually like, including the tools you typically use, the directions to the bathroom and break room, and even a brief introduction to your team. Even if you’re not in charge of showing them the ropes, letting them know you tried is always a bonus.

2. Be polite and friendly. Ensure to greet the new employee with a “good morning,” “good afternoon,” or a “Have a good night.” It may not be much, but it shows you acknowledge their presence, and slowly, they’ll eventually warm up to you and feel more welcomed in the office.

3. Keep things professional. Avoid asking personal questions like religion, political beliefs, and relationship history. Some people are not ready to share intimate details of their lives right off the bat, so it’s better to keep the conversation safe and light.

4. Be patient. Everyone makes a few mistakes during their first week of work. Avoid criticizing them too harshly and let them learn from their mistakes. Offer help, so they avoid making the same error.

Being in a new environment can be stressful for everyone involved. Nevertheless, making a new member feel welcomed can lessen these stressors and make your work environment safe and inclusive.

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