MOOTOA’S MOONS: THE OTHER WOMAN. When Earth discovered a way to travel among the stars they were approached by the Mxtel and a trade and protective society, now known as the Confederated Sentient Peoples or CSP. To expeditiously travel between stars space ships need three engines, at the opening of our story the Lorili lost two of them, and both engineers as well. Mootoa is the only place they can get new engines and engineers. Earth does not know a lot about Mootoa. Mootoa doesn’t think men are intelligent enough to do anything; they can’t imagine a male ship’s captain. The story is how the Lorili got some new engines and a new engineer, how she fits in with the crew of Earthers, and what the captain and crew think of her. BUY ON AMAZON

ALIEN COURTSHIP: Mootoa’s Moons 2. Leah is pregnant. She should not be pregnant. She is too old, why would any woman over 30 have sex with a man? Tieko Fawsen knew that he had an engine that could get a ship to travel faster than light. Shuekra Kilmose was an engineer he knew that no one could travel faster than light. The only hope for the crowded planet was to mine the others in the system. Chin Nick Oil knew that anyone traveling in Supraspace closer than 2 A.U.’s to a star would blow up, themselves, the star, and anyone close enough. She suggests that the Lorili run away. If someone wants to blow themselves up that’s their privilege. “By accident?” was the chief engineer’s comment. BUY ON AMAZON